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Here’s a list of weird/strange articles on wikipedia in no particular order for you to read and just add more useless knowledge in your puny human brain. General murder/death trigger warning for most.

Bloody Mary || Kennedy curse || Taman Shud Case || La Voisin || Greyfriars Bobby || Pripyat || Albert Fish || Mary Toft || The Cure for Insomnia || Roanoke Colony || John Murray Spear || Arecibo message || Nuckelavee || Phaistos Disc || Tanganyika laughter epidemic || Mad Gasser of Mattoon || Murder of Junko Furuta || Peoples Temple || Ed Gein || Stargate Project || Jackalope || Numbers station || UVB-76 || Bélmez Faces || Donner Party || Adam || Mariana UFO incident || Valentich disappearance || Cleveland Torso Murderer || Trepanning || Dyatlov Pass incident || Grey goo || Overtoun House || The Garden of Earthly Delights || Wilhelm Reich || Starchild skull || Original Night Stalker || Owlman || Ararat anomaly || British big cats || Jack the Ripper || Clapham Wood Mystery || Pope Lick Monster || Shadow person || Out-of-place artifact || Black Dahlia || Jersey Devil || Crawfordsville monster || Koro || Philadelphia Experiment || Glasgow smile || Roswell UFO incident || David Parker Ray || D. B. Cooper || Total Information Awareness || Goatman || Grey alien || Joachim Kroll || Peter Kürten || Gilles de Rais || Alien abduction || Joseph Vacher || Mothman || Polywater || Catacombe dei Cappuccini || Villisca Axe Murders || Grace Sherwood || Loveland frog || The Hermitage || Jatinga || Sankebetsu brown bear incident || Mongolian death worm || Devil’s Footprints || The Sick Child || H. H. Holmes || Dysaesthesia aethiopica || Bloody Benders || Lamia || Black Paintings || The Monster with 21 Faces || Shirime || Lina Medina || Exploding head syndrome || Quantum suicide and immortality || Mokele-mbembe || Spontaneous human combustion || Dulce Base || Chandre Oram || Oscar || Men in Black || Vladimir Demikhov || The Great Red Dragon Paintings || Bloop || Retroactive continuity || Elizabeth Báthory || Delphine LaLaurie || Silverpilen || Polybius || Guided rat || Robert J. White || Chelyabinsk meteor || Armin Meiwes || Big Crunch || Belchen Tunnel || Moberly–Jourdain incident || Boy Scout Lane || Princes in the Tower || Rosenheim Poltergeist || Peter Stumpp || Bermuda Triangle || Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery || Hill of Crosses || Self-immolation || Lycaon || Burke and Hare murders || Pykrete || Kate Morgan || List of unusual deaths || Sawney Bean || Rogue elephant of Aberdare Forest || Yoshio Kodaira || Incorruptibility || Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus || Toynbee tiles || Rat king || Sailing stones || Thalidomide || Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916 || Tunguska event || Head transplant || List of cryptids || Borley Rectory || Sedlec Ossuary || Alien hand syndrome || Capgras delusion || Mellified man || Atuk || Monster of Glamis || Spring-heeled Jack || Allagash Abductions || Aokigahara || Raymond Robinson (Green Man) || Premature burial || Brain transplant || Nightmarchers || Decompression illness || Midgetville || Zombie || Mercy Brown vampire incident || Necromancy || Lamkin || Harry K. Daghlian, Jr. || Icelandic Phallological Museum || Neisseria meningitidis || Unit 731 || Bunny Man || Bubbly Creek || Malleus Maleficarum || Moll Dyer || Original Spanish Kitchen || Charles Bonnet syndrome || Voynich manuscript || Black Annis || True name || Dorothy Talbye trial || Black dog || Wandering Jew || Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway || Yara-ma-yha-who || Rod Ferrell || The Juniper Tree

this list needs the hopkinsville goblins on it
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tips on enhancing colors/color porn



alright so some people asked about how i get good colors and stuff and yeah im gonna teach you how to do the thing. there are two ways that i do this so yeah lets just get started


this is the gif that well be making 


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Adding Colour via Light Textures (With Sad Derek)



This is just going to be a quick overview on how I use light textures, it’s not that special or hard or interesting but COLOURRRRS.

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- (x)Please Like/Reblog if it has been useful c:Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions;Enjoy & have fun creating!

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This is a masterpost of tutorials, guides, and typography inspiration. Please note that there are many other tutorials out there, but I thought the following were the most interesting for graphic artists on tumblr:
How to install fonts
The anatomy of fonts
What font should I use?
General text tutorial
Using and combining fonts
Placing text in an icon
A classy effect for text
Ink stained text tutorial
How to create 3D text
More 3D text
Your text is on fire
Five simple steps to better typography
Create a retro style typography graphic
10 common typography mistakes
Amazing skinny fonts
Typography inspiration
More inspiration

I’m currently obsessed with typography (!!!) so I decided to make a masterpost on it - this post includes fonts, tutorials for various text effects, guides, useful links, inspiration and (even) a couple of typographic games for your enjoyment! Have fun! :-)

favourites: lobster, amplify, carton, mission script, hoefler text (font library), ruritania (for fancy capital letters), levibrush, didot (font library), times (font library), ranger, freshman, geared, ribbon, pompadour numerals, riotsquad, nouvelle vague
behance (free ones - scroll all the way down to find download link)
masterpost x x 


sweettasteofbitter’s typography masterpost 
Pairing Fonts guide
7 Typography Tips 

Text Effects + Poster Design tutorials 

Aeroplane movie poster tutorial
Bagel effect
Blood effect
Chalkboard effect action
Computer chip effect
Floral effect
Geometric effect (for numbers)
Glowing neon effect 
Hand-drawn typography tutorial
Hipster effect
Ice cream effect (yummy)
Inky / splotchy effect (like my banner)
Inset effect
Multiple stokes effect
Ombre gradient effect
Ribbon behind text 
Retro badge design (x / x / x ) 
Retro poster tutorial
Retro linen effect
Road effect
Scrabble tile effect
Shading effect
Skin effect (for hannibal fans!!)
Smoky effect (or ghost-y)
Tree branch effect (creepy + cool)
Vintage grunge-y poster tutorial
Vintage effect action
Vintage tile effect
Vintage space-y poster tutorial
Watercolor effect 
3D + shadow effect action 
3D effect (quick & easy)

Other useful websites / inspiration

10 Useful Typography Websites
More typography tools
Typography Inspiration I. 
Typography Inspiration (from package designs) II.
Typography Inspiration III. aguamentea (simple but very pretty)
Typography Inspiration IV. risarodil (using Illustrator)
Typography Inspiration V. google search (your bff) 
Typography Inspiration VI.
Typography Inspiration VII. infographics (mind = blown)

Just FYI  

Typography tidbits (cool stuff)
Typography in infographics (who doesnt like infographics)
Typography crimes
Kerning game (if you have nothing better to do)
Matching Fonts game